Leadership is about two things: transformation and the people who bring about transformation, often by transforming themselves in some fundamental way. Change requires solving new problems and creating new situations, but these solutions are created by people, which necessitates the involvement of human nature. Leaders emerge from and are matched to a situation in an infinite variety of ways. They must work with other people (human nature), often without any control over whom is involved with them.

Contemporary managers and leaders study extensively many of the variables that they must learn to control: budgets, schedules, procedures, policies, methodologies, etc. Too frequently, the most important variable, human nature, is at the bottom of their list. The fact is, if other people aren't involved, and everyone isn't moving in the same general direction, leadership isn't happening.

At Preemptis, we do not speak much about followers, but refer more often to "supporters" and "cooperators." Supporters and cooperators collaborate with leaders for their own reasons, not because of a mandate from some external authority. Supporters and cooperators are engaged. These are the people that make a difference for leaders.

Preemptis Performance Leadership solutions are based on decades of experience leading, working with, observing and studying human nature, behaviors and values along with the biases, reasons, irrationality and myriad other factors that underlie them in a wide variety of situations. While Preemptis Leadership solutions are always results driven, they are always people-centric rather than task, budget or schedule oriented. The value of this approach is that it yields results that also deliver inherent value beyond just reaching an objective. An objective without a purpose is a struggle. An objective with a purpose becomes a cause.

Regardless of how many supporters or cooperators there are, being a leader can be a lonely place. This is why it is doubly important for leaders to understand human nature. Preemptis Performance Leadership Solutions are a deep dive in to human nature.

  • The importance of habits and how to create and change them
  • The biases that make people seem less than rational at times and how to spot these biases
  • The influences that people respond to in certain situations
  • The role of Purpose and the alignment of Purpose Modes
  • The characteristic of effective leaders and why people respond to them
  • What a leader must be and what a leader must do in order to get results
  • How to recognize and take advantage of the optimal situational variables that influence leadership

Preemptis Performance Leadership Solutions get to the heart of your capacity to unleash value with your team. Learn more here.

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