Before the workshop

Preliminary work with the executive sponsor to customize the presentation to your organization's context, competitive environment, culture and situation

During the workshop

Individualized experiential learning

  • Role Play
  • Video practice and playback
  • Extensive exercises
  • Hot seat simulations
  • Individual reflection and journaling

Tools you take with you: checklists, questions, process visuals, journals, methodologies, case studies, etc.

A deep understanding of basic principles of the workshop topic and their application in the corporate setting

After the workshop

We know that questions and insights do not stop after everyone leaves on the last day, so the Preemptis workshop experience does not stop when we all wrap and head home. Included in your fee is the following;

  1. One, 2 hour teleconference one week after the workshop available to all workshop participants, or
  2. Two, 1 hour teleconferences at one and two weeks respectively after the workshop available to all workshop participants
  3. One week of one-on-one email support for individuals while the content is fresh.
  4. Access to a special online forum open to all workshop participants for collaboration in dealing with situations you encounter as you implement the workshop content in real-world situations. Steve monitors these forums and participates actively for your benefit.

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