Steve Rigell, President of Preemptis, is available to speak to your group or organization on a variety of provocative topics with content designed to improve profits, revolutionize your value chain and stimulate strategic thinking. Whether your audience is a corporate group, a cohort of small business owners or a non-profit organization, we enjoy customizing our presentations to meet your specific needs.

Preemptive Strategies: Why Innovation is your best strategy

Choosing the right purpose for the job: How to align purpose and personality to achieve remarkable results

Transform your organization with Transformative Talent: Why your best option is to rely on people not technology

Performance is a function of purpose: Understand why people fail and how you can help them succeed

Why most projects fail and what you can do about it

How to tame technology once and for all

How much risk can your organization take? And, why you need to know

Are you ready for tomorrow? What the company of the future look like and how to be ready

Don't take that job: why most jobs are set up to fail and what to do about it

Do you qualify? The crucial characteristics of a leader

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