Broadly speaking, Preemptis can help you with the following:

  • Improve performance and strategic alignment throughout the organization
  • Formulate iterative innovation strategies for high-growth and sector leadership
  • Systematically plan and execute leadership and executive succession
  • Develop depth and wisdom in high potential talent
  • Select and prepare the best leaders, especially in times of change, turmoil and uncertainty
  • Increase increase individual and organizational resilience, agility and responsiveness
  • Excel at attracting, retaining, and developing high caliber talent
  • Provide a complete framework for effectively and profitably engaging risk and uncertainty
  • Resolve conflicts and increase productivity

However, digging a little deeper into specific situations that business leaders are facing today, here are the kinds of real world situations we deal with. Below you will find a recently compiled list of some of the challenges we are hearing from clients. These are extracted from actual client facing situations with business leaders like you. Any redundancy in the list below is there just to illustrate how different leaders are looking at similar situations. You may find yourself on this list. If you do, give us a call and let's start a dialogue. We can help.

  • “How do I figure out my unique value proposition and how to differentiate our company.”
  • “We need to adopt new paradigms or business models with the existing people, processes and policies. How do we do it?”
  • “We desperately need to reduce procedural activities that don't add value to the customer experience.”
  • “We have to get better at adapting how we do business when our competitive landscape changes.”
  • “How should my management team be responding to the ways younger employees view work and performance.”
  • “I would like to find more meaningful ways to measure performance and the impact of effort expended.”
  • “My whole staff needs better ways of choosing the top priorities to focus on when so many things demand attention.”
  • “What are the best ways of dealing with customers who demand attention and resources and spend almost nothing?”
  • “We've got to get better at making sure what we're doing on a daily basis is aligned with corporate strategy. We need some way of auditing that alignment to make sure we're doing the right things.”
  • “How do I deal with loyal employees when our business is changing and skill requirements are changing?”
  • “We're not really sure who the best target market is or how to capture their interest.”
  • “I've got some managers on my team who let their egos get in the way of achieving long-term strategy. They're basically good people. How do I deal with them?”
  • “We don't have a reliable way of knowing where we are on our growth curve or in in our strategic cycle and, as a result, we find ourselves doing the wrong things. This has to stop!”
  • “We do not really understand how our company stacks up against the competition and we don't know how to get good information - legally.”
  • “We're stumbling all over ourselves trying to move into a high growth phase with the existing systems and processes. We've got to make a lot of the right decisions fast and take advantage of this growth. What do we need to do first?”
  • “We're making the same mistakes over and over. It has to stop.”
  • “We're making bad hiring decisions, and it's no on person's fault. We have to get better at this. It's way too costly.”
  • “I've got to find the time for thinking strategically; there's just too much going on.”
  • “I feel like I'm in over my head...”
  • “We need to get all our managers on the same page, moving in the same direction. Right now everyone is doing their own thing. They all think they are doing the right thing, but it's hurting us.”
  • “We need to automate the things that we do over and over. Like price quotes for configurable products.”
  • “I want to raise the bar with our customers. Can you help with identifying and implementing operational improvements that will positively impact the customer experience?”
  • “We've got a real challenge keeping our IT costs down. Now we've got a whole slew of mobility needs and we don't have the infrastructure. We didn't see it coming. We have to get ahead of this bear.”
  • “It's an old story. I'm sure you've heard it before. We have to show real productivity improvements after we just laid off a bunch of people and we can’t hire anyone new. We’re all too close to it around here. I’m thinking an outside perspective might be able to see some opportunity.”
  • “Can you believe it? We've got to reduce costs while maintaining equal to or better than service levels.”
  • “I'd like your help developing some innovative, short-term, pragmatic tactics that can be rapidly implemented to deal with this situation.”
  • “We've got to get new products out the door faster. We've got to get our new product collateral out the door faster.”
  • “I've got to get my leadership team looking at the big picture instead of spending their days refereeing squabbles.”
  • “How can I get this business running so I don't have to be here all the time?”

Perhaps you recognize in this list some of the thoughts you have thought in the past days, weeks or months. Contact Steve Rigell to talk it over. Let's see if the chemistry is there for a productive partnership with Preemptis.

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