Coaching is working one-on-one to improve performance. It is both intimate and developmental. It is structured and deliberate.

Every consulting engagement has an element of coaching, but a coaching engagement is focused on the improvement of a specific aspect of an individual's performance.

Strong people recognize that to perpetuate success, external learning is essential, and coaching is the most dynamic source of this kind of learning, It is also the most accelerated, the most adaptive and the most effective.

Benefits to you as an individual

Working with a coach helps keep you on track, make you more accountable, will keep you focused on a goal and ensure that you are constantly progressing forward. You will actually see results rather than just hoping for them.

As a consequence of your coaching experience, not only will your performance improve, but you will be more confident and feel more capable.

You will make better decisions for yourself and your business.

You will live a more balanced life with less stress.

You will take more effective and focused actions and do them quicker.

You will set and achieve more ambitious goals in both your business and personal lives.

You will develop insight into how your own coping mechanisms may be preventing you from effectively dealing with change.

You have someone who can give you an impartial perspective and brainstorm with you on ways to move ahead.

Benefits to you as a business leader

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You will have the confidence and know-how to ignite and keep burning the passion in your employees ensuring that they all understand your purpose and have a purpose for themselves. Happy and engaged employees deliver a more satisfying experience for your customers and in turn produce a strong competitive advantage for your business.

You will gain the skills to position yourself as coach to your own leadership team and help them develop the enhanced skills and resilience that will enhance the relevance of your business in the dynamic global competitive landscape.

You will be able, as situations arise, to:

  1. Help people understand themselves and gain insight into the behaviors of others for greater success.
  2. Help your organization discover, liberate and develop the hidden potential of your most important asset - your people.
  3. Empower and trust individuals and teams that are willing, to take their self-management and customer service skills to higher levels.
  4. Show your people practical and results-oriented methods of overcoming stress and achieving challenging goals, because they have work for you.
  5. By asking the right questions, you will be able to stimulate new ways of thinking and leading that can propel your business into the future with confidence, resilience and agility in the face of uncertainty.
  6. Discern how current processes and systems support or oppose your business strategies, so you can evolve those systems to facilitate stronger growth.

Benefits to your organization

No other investment your company or organization will make can bring as high a return as engaging and energizing the human potential you already have on your team. As a result of your own progress, your own skills and your own development, you will be able to elevate the performance of your staff and direct reports by:

  1. Increasing employee morale
  2. Increasing employee commitment
  3. Increasing productivity
  4. Creating positive momentum
  5. Reducing employee bickering and grousing
  6. Decreasing employee turnover and absenteeism
  7. Enhancing your corporate image and reputation
  8. Increase profitability as a result of improved performance

Coaching can have far-reaching positive implications in your life and within your organization. However, the benefits you derive will be proportional to the effort you invest. The longer you wait to get started, the longer you will delay the benefits. Call today to learn more.

What you can expect from Preemptis

A step-by-step overview of how a Preemptis Coaching engagement is initiated follows. Please note, we feel there is an ethical obligation to meet with the client(s) before agreeing to serve as coach for an individual or team. Consequently, third party arrangements for coaching that do not involve at least one preliminary meeting with the client(s) are not accepted.

  1. Meet with the client to access compatibility. We will discuss potential pros & cons, answer any questions and arrive at a mutual agreement to move forward.
  2. Determine who will have access to the coach during the period of performance and by what means.
  3. Agree on the improvement objective and expected results (e.g. running meetings better, setting priorities, better communications, etc.)
  4. Agree on how improvement will be measured.
  5. Create and submit a results-based proposal.
  6. Proposal acceptance and signatures
  7. Establish a developmental plan.
  8. Establish clear rules of engagement - who is accountable for what.
  9. Engage and refine as necessary.

Preemptis coaching rules of engagement

  1. Client has unlimited access between scheduled sessions via phone or email
  2. Mandatory regularly scheduled weekly sessions with assignments due prior to the session
  3. Both parties will be completely honest, candid, transparent and respect confidentiality
  4. Personal information is acceptable if relevant to the objectives
  5. Deadlines, timelines and accountabilities will be respected
  6. If either party must postpone a scheduled meeting, it must be done in advance
  7. Prior to starting, we will establish a peer-to-peer agreement on policies for prompt return of calls, emails and other communications
  8. Prior to starting we will agree on a mutual grievance procedure for any contravention of these rules of engagement
  9. Prior to starting we will agree on an emergency policy to cover unanticipated gaps in the proposed period of performance that result in a loss of momentum or missed sessions
  10. Prior to starting we will agree on mutual feedback guidelines
  11. The coach will have the prerogative to make process or content adjustments to facilitate the achievement of the goal
  12. Any alteration to the original objectives and expected results must by unanimous between the coach, the client and the buyer of this service if separate from the client

Coaching is an investment in your future and the future of your organization or team. Even with individual clients there are strong benefits, not only for the individual, but also for the team, work group or organization.

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